Founded in 1978, Universal Heat Exchanger began cleaning heat exchangers with a one man crew and a hydro-drill. With a changing marketplace, founder and CEO Tommy Freeman envisioned a company offering a broader range of services in the industrial sector.

In 1985, Universal Heat Exchanger incorporated, changing its name to Universal Service, Inc. and offering a wide range of industrial services including industrial vacuuming, waterblasting, personnel support, dry ice blasting, and waste management to name a few. USI is a Veteran Owned Small business that is servicing the southeast with locations in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. We are large enough to service your needs yet small enough to value your business.

Our customers know that USI performs effectively! Many of our customers have relied upon USI for years, some for over a decade! They know that USI will get the job done! Our team will strive to create an environment in which maximum safety, productivity, quality, and reliability are achieved at the lowest possible cost to you our customer.

Our goal is to provide prompt service and cost effective cleaning solutions. Innovative ideas and years of expertise give USI the ability to address any cleaning project that our customers have. Our motto is to “Make it Happen!”

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.” Ronald Reagan


01. Our Vision

Provide quality industrial cleaning and material management in the southeast.

02. Our Mission

Progressively pursue a safe work environment for our employees by providing industry specific training and education.

03. Our Value

Universal Service, Inc. is large enough to service your needs but small enough to value you as a customer.  Your account is important to us and earning your trust is paramount.  We strive to understand our customers needs and develop a plan to meet your project scope